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News » R.I.P. Marilyn, The Bird

R.I.P. Marilyn, The Bird

R.I.P. Marilyn, The Bird
Apr. 14, 2009 (FITSNews For Now delivered by Newstex ) --

Two icons of the 1970s passed away over the last two days, porn icon Marilyn Chambers and Detroit Tigers pitcher Mark ?The Bird Fidrych.

Unbelievable, we know.

And yes - since celebrity deaths always ?come in threes we were on pins and needles all day today waiting for somebody to tell us Gabe Kaplan had kicked the bucket, too.

Kotters not dead yet (thank God).

Anyway, Chambers - along with Kay Parker - was one of porns preeminent actresses during the ?Golden Age of Porn, first gaining a name for herself in the racially-charged classic ?Behind the Green Door.

Cut on a $60,000 budget, the film made $25 million worldwide.

Chambers was known for her suburban looks and the ravenous delight with which she let men (and women) do pretty much anything they wanted to her.

She was also famous for having posed on an Ivory soap box (as the ?99 and 44/100ths percent pure girl) prior to her porn career - with the box frequently finding its way as a prop in her porn films.

Personally, Chambers won our hearts with her performance in the 1980 hit ?Insatiable, a movie our founding editor may or may not have gotten caught with at the age of 15 - and which may be so thoroughly ingrained in his subconscious that he hears the synthesizer theme from its lesbian scene at least a few times every day.

Oh, Chambers was also the first prominent porn actress to shave her pubic hair - which they all do today. Err ? or so weve heard.

Four years ago, Chambers was a candidate for Vice-President on the Personal Choice Party ticket.

She was discovered dead in her LA home Sunday evening at the age of 56.

Fidrych - also in his mid-fifties - was famous for his 1976 rookie season with the Detroit Tigers , in which he came out of nowhere to become a national sensation, winning Rookie of the Year honors and a starting slot in the All-Star game while captivating fans with his eclectic on-field antics.

?The Bird, as Fidrych was known, would incessantly ?manicure the pitchers mound during his starts, repairing cleat marks much like a golfer repairs divots.

He was also famous for throwing balls back to umpires because they ?had hits in them and other zany antics, like talking to himself, talking to the baseballs he threw and aiming them like darts toward home plate.

The public ate it up - and flocked to see his starts.

Fidrych won 19 games and posted a ridiculously low 2.34 ERA during his magical 1976 season, but he was never the same after a spring training injury the following year.

?The Bird apparently died when a dump truck he was repairing somehow rolled over him.

Heres Fidrychs obit from the Detroit Free Press ?

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Added: April 17, 2009

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